Friday, July 4, 2008

An Online Image. Why is it so important?

In the 21st century the Internet is on boom and is becoming a household item and is included in every person's monthly bill. This is of course not affecting the business of the internet point's business. They are witnessing a never before profits in this kind of business. According to recent surveys over the internet, majority of the people us internet to send and receive emails, maintain their online image and profiles. So what is online image, and why is it so important? I will tell.

An online image is like a passport of an individual to the world of internet. Every individual wishes that his identity should stand apart from others and of course not get lost in the crowd. But how do you create a unique and different image of your online. Well you need to be a celebrity for that. Never mind but I can list some points to maintain an image that is sure to attract visitors irrespective of your status.

Well to begin with you can get an internet connection at your home or very well get a membership in your local internet center. This will prove economical for you in the long run. So now you have got an internet connection, what next? Well go to any online social networking site like Orkut or Facebook and create you own profile. Do add a photo of yours without fail because that will give a professional look. The next step is to include all your friends and then update your profile with your career, your qualifications, expertise and interests etc.

Then go on create a separate email id with your name which might look professional. Please do not create email ids with some funky names like w used to during our college days. Then go on and crate a blog if you are really interested in maintaining and having one. In that blog you can post your likes and dislikes and also write about your favorite subjects and articles. But please do not copy articles from other blogs. That is really an unprofessional act.

So thats it I guess. Go ahead and have an online image of yours.

Krish Cool

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