Friday, December 19, 2008

Blog moved permanently

I have moved away from this blog. I will be no longer blogging here. I have decided that instead of blogging on numerous blogs, it is best to concentrate on one single blog and develop it well. Hence from now onwards I will be blogging at Please do bookmark it and visit me frequently.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

A new step

On 7th December, I have completed all my initial stage work on starting a computer education firm. This firm will aim in providing quality computer education to all the age groups, however our target group will be school and college students.The firm is named as techyPunch. TechyPunch will also provide a number of other services but computer education being our primary target. I as the founder of the company aim in bringing the quality in computer education in India, which is still missing in India. Indians in the field of computers have to go a long way and we at techyPunch aim to make it a bit simple. We will be waiting for new students to know about us and join us.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ram & Vishal's Farewell

It was 3rd- Dec-2008. This week was Ram and Vishal's last week in satyam and they chose this day to give us a party. After some thought we went to Basera restaurant on ECR road. We reached there made ourselves comfortable on our table and started browsing through the menu. We then started our order and soon our table was filled with different varieties of starters. The food seemed a lot, but got vanished very soon. We then took the menu again and ordered the main course. The food was real good and we enjoyed a lot. We had naans, biryani, fried rice, noodles. Chicken barbecue, fish tikka, chicken gravy, prawn fry. After a heavy meal it was time to have some desert. We then ordered milk shakes and took it in slowly while enjoying every drop of it. At last it was time for Ram and Vishal to pay the bill. They took out their cards and payed the bill and after a few snaps we drove back to our office. It was indeed a great experience.


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh My Country

One fine day, I heard a news that there was a shoot out in Mumbai (a part of my country). I thought it was some work of the mafia. But things got worsened. It was actually a terror attack in the financial capital of my country. I saw my country burn. I was sad, crying, I was angry, my blood boiling. I was depressed about the loss of lives. One thought that is not leaving my head is, "How dare a few men come into my country illegally and kill fellow citizens?" Killing unarmed citizens is an act of cowards. Quran does'nt mention that. Bhagavatgita does'nt mention that. Bible does'nt mention that. Then where did these terrorists get an idea of jihad.

If they wanted some kind of revenge or wanted to destroy us, let them face us like brave people. Let them face our army our NSG and the entire nation equally. Attacking behind the back is what coward fuckers do. The terrorists who attacked my country are cowards, they are fuckers. They should be sentenced to death and executed immediately. The Indian govt should utilize this chance and take steps to destroy terrorists right from where they start.


Long time

Hmm its been a long time since, I have posted on this blog. I was busy, with life. The recent cyclone Nisha has created such a havoc that the internet was out and so was the power. Nisha kept us house arrested. But now as Nisha is gone and so our lives are returning to normal. The power has come and the internet connections are restored. Hence I am now here again on my blog posting stuffs.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Day - 13-Nov-2008

Today was a pleasant day, a day in my life which gave me a new experience. Which taught me a new experience. I have accepted it and I am walking straight with a dream in my vision.Of course with god's grace, i can achieve what I want to and what I wanted to become. I came to know today I might loose my job, so what there is always a second job. I have chosen free lancing as my profession. So I am now a freelance writer, freelance blogger, freelance software engineer and a first generation entrepreneur. Oh God please support and help me.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What am I doing at this time?

Hey what am I doing at this time? Well I am in office. I actually had some work to be finished and hence got engaged till late night and missed all the shuttles from my office to the city. SO got to stay at office for today night. Office is my home only for today night. How I will be spending my day hmm I will read and practise Ajax, sleep and learn Ajax and sleep. At last got some time to do what I love. :-)