Monday, September 29, 2008

Busy Work Schedule

Got a very busy work schedule. Need to write codes and prepare documents for the client on war footing. Hence in short my office is my current home. Got to keep my posts short ;). Got to work. Will post more after office hours. Bye

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Time for some excercise

I have really spent a lot of time today with my laptop posting my thoughts on my blog. I guess its time for me to give my body some good physical activity. So I am going out to play some badminton with my family, hence meet you guys later with my post. Bye for now. Happy burning calories.


My Baby on the way

My Wife is pregnant and she has entered in to the 7th month of her pregnancy. It is only another 2 months before a beautiful and cute person becomes a part of our wonderful family and we become 3 from 2. I pray to god everyday asking only for my wife and my baby's well being and good health cos they are the precious gift that god has given to me in this life time and I am here to protect and take care of them. They are my life and my reason to live.


Working hard!


The work pressure really takes the toll on me and makes me tired. I do not have enough time be with my family, post my thoughts on my blog and upgrading my personal website. Weekends are spent researching and finding new business solutions for my startup venture RK Groups (the website is not live). So probably I will have to keep my adrenaline flowing till I work things out and launch RK Groups and its ventures as soon as possible. Then it will be full time working from for RK Groups. Lets wait and watch what's in store for me in future. I have to work hard and make my plans kick off and make them take shape.


A change in the topics to be put on my blog

Hi All

I have been calling myself a gekk and writing loads of articles on science and technology on my blog. Actually nowadays I maintain two blogs, one my personal and another my website's blog. So I decided that I am going to write and publish articles on science and technology only on my website's official blog, whereas my personal blog will be for me. It will contain all about me and my conversation to the internet and the people out there. So I have decided to give my blog a major makeover. I will be changing the contents, the layout, the theme and also the topics of the articles. From now on my website will contain only about me, me, me and only me.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Free Computer Lab and Library

I have planned to start a computer lab and a library with a study hall for poor children. The facilities will be available for children 24X7. The facilities will be totally free for poor children and children from well to do families have pay a fee and use the facilities. The library will have books on various topics for children as well as teenagers. The computers can be used for writing codes, creating new software, listening to audio CDs. Reading e-books, surfing the internet. But to start a center like this requires a lot of investment on a regular basis. Hence I would like to invite you all out there to contribute your might in making this dream come true. If you want to volunteer, you can very well join me. Waiting for your comments and feedbacks.


Saturday, September 6, 2008


Last year I reviewed the Slim Devices Squeezebox and was reasonably impressed. Since then, Slim Devices has been purchased by Logitech and they have just released the Squeezebox Boom. While I have not personally tinkered with the Squeezebox Boom, the specifications make it seem perfect for the college habitat. Keep it in the common area to jam out to your music library and that of your roommates, as well as listen to Pandora, Rhapsody and other music services. On the other hand you could keep it in your bedroom and use it as an alarm clock.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Is clean India a dream?

Dear Indians,

We daily use different means of public transport to move across the city. We are grateful that our government is providing us these facilities. We are not like the economically and financially backward countries. Thank God!

But are we ensuring proper care for the public places and public transports? Foreigners refer to our cities and our country as dirty. Do not blame them because it we who are to be blamed.

We do not take care of our country. We throw all kinds of waste out in the public places. We have polluted our country to the core. The country has done a lot of things to us. But we have failed to do the same to her.

If the above sentences has made you think then read further, else throw this paper in the dust-bin and not anywhere else. Please that’s a request.

Things to do to stop our city from getting dirty:

  • You need not clean the public places as there are workers to do that job.

  • All you need to do is stop making it dirtier.

  • Stop throwing papers, used tickets, cigarettes buds, and used match sticks.

  • Please do not spit on the roads, other public places and transport means.

  • Ask your children are other kids to throw the chocolate wrappers into the dustbin

  • Do not reproduce this document, instead just spread the message.

I am not from any government agency; I am a citizen of India who wants a and greener India. Let the foreigners see a different India soon.

Thanks for reading this document.