Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Website Down

My server's hard drive suddenly crashed and hence my personal website is down. I will be buying a new hard disk shortly and making my server run again. I guess it will take another one or two days for the website to become functional again.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Running behind Money

Hello everybody out there

You might be very busy running behind money. But hold on. Take time to enjoy your life and spend time with family. Otherwise, you never know when your life will go past and at the end you will be out there standing and thinking "damn I haven't lived my life properly" or "Oh! when did my children grow up?"

Its not late act fast and enjoy your life.


Rain in Chennai

At Last it has started raining in chennai. This will for sure reduce the impact of the sun. But I am noticing one thing. Rain in chennai is getting reduced every year. If this continues then at one stage there will be no rain and this will ultimately lead to drought. Its time we all act. Let us take an oath. Every family should plant one tree near their house. If this is followed then I am sure we can bring greenery back to chennai.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Damn... I hate being famous #@&%&$#@&

Felt my Baby Move

It was 1st october 2008, me and my wife were getting ready to sleep. After switching off the lights my wife felt something. We both concentrated on what my wife felt and recognized that the baby inside her was actually moving. It was a very clear feeling and we were actually able to feel the baby. That moment was a great experience for us. Hmm.... really hard to express the feeling. :D . Waiting for the baby to arrive.


Website and blogs Updated

I have updated my blog and my personal website a bit. All my online presence has been centered at one particular point and it will be very easy for you to find me now. You can also know a great deal about me by taking a glance through all my blogs. I have started a new Photo Blog which will contain only photos and no text and a Travel Blog which will contain all my travelogues. I have put them all on my website at My Web World for your convenience and easy access. So happy blogging for me and happy browsing for all you guys. Bye and take care.


Friday, October 3, 2008

New Mobile! Yaay!

Guys, I got a new mobile and bid farewell to my lovable Sony Ericsson K750i. I have now acquired Sony Ericsson K660i and it will be taking care of all my future communication needs, atleast for another year.

Hmmm…. Been thinking for a while to change my mobile but my love and attachment on my old Sony Ericsson K750i stopped me from doing so. I have used it for nearly a year and 2 ½ months. The joy stick was getting a little week and was not responding to my touches. I had to really put pressure to get it working and navigate to the menu I wanted. Phew… these machines never stay with us for a long time like our family members. I really feel sad to leave my gadgets especially my cell phone.

So came a day when I visited a Sony Ericsson showroom and checked out the mobiles and chose the Sony Ericsson K590i and decided to buy it the next day. But on reaching the shop the next day I saw a better cell phone Sony Ericsson K660i. It was mind blowing. Light weight, slim, full internet feature, clear LCD display and lots more.

So I made up my mind and got a new Sony Ericsson K660i. I took out my card and burned it for 10,000 bugs and this brand new, stylish Sony Ericsson K660i belonged to me. I got a parker pen and a music CD free. It was a moment of both sadness and happiness. Sadness because my K750i was leaving me and happy because I have acquired a brand new K660i.
Ok readers, got to charge it up for 8 hours. It will be only until early morning I get to know what it is like to use it.