Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Death of an Operating System

The Windows XP operating system was released in October 2001. Since then it has served us really well. Though it had some initial problems, but they were almost overcome by service pack releases. The latest service pack release is the Windows XP service pack 2. This OS has been a great success in the Indian market in both the original version and the pirated version. It was the one OS after windows 98 that has captured the Indian market to great extent. Even when we us any third party hardware in the computer having Windows XP we did not have any problem as all the vendors supplied the needed driver software with the product itself. Though the windows releases cannot be compared to the Linux counterpart, it has overtaken Linux in the Indian market. The Microsoft released the Windows Vista as the successor of the Windows XP 18 months ago. But this release has failed to capture the Indian market like the Windows XP. But some hardly remember that Windows XP too faced the same problem when it was released. People at that time preferred Windows 98 as Windows XP demanded hardware upgrades. But later on when Microsoft stopped its support and release of Windows 98 and also the PC manufacturers started building PCs to suit Windows XP, people had no other option but to accept Windows XP.

You might be wondering as why I am writing such a big story, it is because Microsoft will stop selling of Windows XP operating system from June 30. Though people will not face problems in the beginning but slowly the producers will start manufacturing machines suitable for Windows vista and consumers will have no other choice. Slowly the third party drivers will also be written for Windows vista and Windows XP will meet the same end as of the Windows 98.

There is also another news that Microsoft is going to release another version of OS known as Windows 7. So no can say as of now that whether Windows XP will die completely or whether Windows vista will be a big hit or whether Windows vista will vanish like the Windows 2000 or the Windows millennium. According to me it will too early as of now to make a statement to decide the future of the Window operating system. But it is for sure that the Windows XP will meet and end.

Krish. Cool

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Gaming cum Learning tool

The Nintendo DS is a very famous hand held gaming console that youngsters and children in japan have one. It has been successful in japan for quiet some time and has been in a huge hit. But now it is in the news for another reason. It has introduced a new software in its products. And this software enables the Nintendo DS user to learn English in an easy, funny and interesting way.

It is certainly a breakthrough in the field of education and language learning. The students use a plastic pen like instrument to write English words on the console an screen displays “GOOD” if the word they have written is correct! Indeed a fun loving way huh? The classrooms conduct competitions in which the student who get more “GOOD” first gets stickers as a memento. A lot of youngsters in japan have Nintendo DS at home and use it to play games like “Mario Kart” and “Animal Crossing”, but they now find learning through these consoles more interesting and informative than other games. “This is quiet revolutionary for a school classroom”, says experts.

The Nintendo DS apart from English learning software and other interesting and famous games also provides other interesting games which even the adults love to play.

The Nintendo DS is currently used on a trial basis in the Japanese schools and if found a success will soon become a part of the curriculum. Now thats called the true Japanese technology. True they are the world leaders in science and technology.

krish Cool

Computer Hardware Myth

Hi, I would like to share some tips about computer hardware consider before u buy a computer. This is an article which will clear all your myths related to choosing and buying a computer.

Thinking about computers:

Computers are expensive : The branded computers out there in the market is actually very expensive. To buy a whole sweet computer is everyone's dream. But a normal stylish computer with all the needed softwares will not cost less than Rs 40,000/-. But it mainly depends on the kind of configuration u opt for. So my word will be that you can get assemble a equally stylish computer is half the price.

The first myth: Branded computers are better than assembled computers.

There is no such formula, a computer basically is made of 8-10 parts, and mostly , all these parts are of different companies, so technically, a branded computer too is a form a assembled computer.

The second myth: New computer is better than old computer

That too, is just a psychological thing, the fact is, one can get old computers with almost the same configuration as that of new one ( with some exceptions of course), in lesser than half price of the new computer, and if we compare the two head to head , then, i don't think u will ever EVER get a case where a new computer will overtake an old one ( i.e. OVERALL rating ).

The third myth: You need a P 4/ 256 RAM / 80 GB HDD / configuration , nothing less would do

I tell u , a P2/ 128 Old RAM / 10 GB Old HDD, would be more than sufficient for 99.99 % of your applications. It will:
* cost you about 1/4th than that of p4,
* give you a speed almost as par as p4 processor (that would require choosing right type of processor and other parts, but it can be done surely....)
* be able to do most of the routine things that one does on any other computer (with certain limitations of course).

The fourth myth: Old computers should not be bought because they don't come with guarantee

Thats true. I would even like to tell u that some of the old parts are REALLY old, good 30-40 years. Now i will give u a simple logic that might help your insecurity about old computer/ parts. A new comp part carries a guarantee of 1 year, after that it becomes old technically, so why not buy an old part which cost u less than half, has already been tested for several years, so sure it can go for one more year and if after 1 year, even a new computer part wont have any guarantee over it.

Krish Cool

Friday, June 20, 2008

Yahoo's New Avatar

Yahoo! The most popular free online email service in the world has increased its email capacity by including two new domains. It is a move from yahoo to spice up its dying customer list and reducing investor list. Since the launch of other email services which are better than the old yahoo, yahoo’s business has substantially decreased. To counter attack this it has come up with two new domain names viz, and Hope yahoo has eradicated the flaws it had previously in its mail domains. Hoping to try our hands on it soon. J

Internet Addiction

Internet in the 21st century is reaching more and more people even in the remote parts of the world. This way they are hooked to loads of information and also get addicted to the internet. Almost 10% to 15% of the internet users are addicted to the internet globally. This is seen more seriously as a clinical disorder by psychiatrists.

Previously, internet addiction was limited to the highly educated and socially hesitant people but with the current technological advances and the reduction in prices of computers and internet connections almost everyone is able to get hold of one. Now a serious problem called Internet Addiction starts.

A lot of people suffering from this clinical disorder called the Internet Addiction spend time on the internet be watching pornography or playing games or emailing. Due to this they forget to eat, sleep and even exercise. Psychiatrists mention that some surfers are so addicted that they even require medications. In search of information that are seldom required and other online stuffs they forget or neglect their personal and family life. In fact they also forget their sexual life, which is a great exercise and stress buster. Not only teenagers but nowadays even adults are getting hooked to the gaming portals.

Internet is a gift to us from the field of technology but it is still a poison if consumed more than the limit. We should take in between and have a limited time for internet usage. We should spend quality time with friends and family.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

No Posts?

Sorry guys. I was very busy for the past two weeks and hence could not add any new posts on my blog. I will hit my blog very soon with some mind blowing articles. Hence keep visiting my blog frequently. Sorry for disappointing you all.


Monday, June 16, 2008

About Life


Arthur Ashe, the legendary Wimbledon player was dying of AIDS which he got due to infected blood he received during a heart surgery in 1983.

From world over, he received letters from his fans, one of which conveyed: "Why does GOD have to select you for such a bad disease"?

To this Arthur Ashe replied:
"The world over -- 50 million children start playing tennis, 5 million learn to play tennis,
500,000 learn professional tennis, 50,000 come to the circuit, 5000 reach the grand slam,
50 reach Wimbledon, 4 to semi final, 2 to the finals,
when I was holding a cup I never asked GOD 'Why me?'.
And today in pain I should not be asking GOD 'Why me?' "

"Happiness keeps you Sweet,
Trials keep you Strong,
Sorrow keeps you Human,
Failure keeps you humble and Success keeps you glowing, but only Faith & Attitude Keeps you going...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rate of Inflation

Well a couple of years down the line we were not able to understand this term and it was a new one for us. But nowadays everyone of us are aware that what “Rate of Inflation” means.

Yes it is the rate at which the cost of living increases. Over a decade back the rate of inflation was approximately 3% to 4%. But it later increased to 6% and in the financial year 2008-2009 it has touched almost 8.35%. Hope it touches the 9% mark. India is a very poor country. But its the place where the rate of inflation is highest in the world.

What is the reason of this steep increase of rate of inflation. Is it because of global slowdown or is it because of the mismatch between consumption and supply? I would say that both the above or absolutely not the reason. Then what is making the things very expensive?

Before starting to talk in this topic, I would blame the government in being a nincompoop in dealing with this. After the last national elections the cost of living or say the rate of inflation has touched the sky and is still rising. After blaming the first accused, we should now move on to the greedy business men who wanted to make a lot of money in a short time by targeting the well paid software engineers. Is this called the growth of Indian economy? Is this the growth that the politicians brag about? They increased the tax limits of our benefit huh? So are they going to run the government with less money this fiscal year or have they just reduced the govt's earnings this year for securing their vote bank? I really don't know, perhaps we have to ask them. :)

Decreasing the rate of inflation is a never ending topic to talk about, where one section of the people blame others and vice versa. For eg, the software engineers blame the shopkeepers to increase the cost of everything because there is an unwritten rule that well paid professional should by everything expensive. The rent got increased, the cost of basic needs for living got increased, the cost of purchasing a house got increased. In short everything increased. But still the govt talks about the growth of economy. They don't know a small thing that a lot of villages in India still do not have the basic needs of living. No means of transport, communication, medical facility etc,. The list goes on and on.

I don't know what to type. A lot of things needs to be discussed or written down, but I need to keep my blog postings short else you wouldn't be reading it. I am sorry if my above article is not in correct order as they have in the newspapers. But my intention was to speak out something on this topic and express my views to the world. All your views and comments are welcomed. Thanks for reading.


Monday, June 9, 2008

The way Indians Compute

In India the pirated versions of the to be licensed software are used by 99% of the household. They in short cannot live without them. But they do not know that by doing this they are encouraging piracy. Majority of Indians are not very much open to the open source softwares and applications. Starting from the operating system to the apllications that they use on the OS. The way Indians compute is entirely different from the way westerners compute. They take up computers for research, their curriculum is designed in such a way. They really make the optimum use of their computers. But where as in India the majority of the colleges do not take their students to that extent. They just give them the bookish knowledge and not the programming stuffs and research stuffs in the same topics. The reason for that is plenty. The majority of the graduates opt for the so called prestigious software engineer jobs in the multinational companies. A very less number of them think or take steps towards starting their own enterprenuerships. A still very less population of them think of becoming a professor in educational institutions. The major reason for this is the majority of the educational institutions are bothered only about their profits and hence pay peanuts to their employees. Hence they don't get quality of professors and lecturers. All the lecturers are unexperienced and only have a bachelor's degree. The consequence of this is they don't impart a good quality of education and do not share enough knowledge with the students. The students also do not complain because they some how get a good job due to the software boom in India. So where are we going? Its high time that we change ourselves. Its everyone's duty in providing quality of knowledge to the community and make them grow as a whole. Education shouldn't be based on getting a job. It should improve a human being as a whole. I am posting this article on my blog because we are the future generations, we are the future professors and lecturers.
We if come together, we can make a difference. So come let us all make a big change or a revolution in they way Indians compute.

Krish Cool

Friday, June 6, 2008

ACER 8920G and 6920G

The Acer has released its new entrant in Laptops named Gemstone series. It is aimed at budget and desktop replacement segments. One can find a few innovations in this range and they are a 16:9 aspect LCD panels, Blu-ray drives, new touch panels, Blu-ray drives, a new touch panel for multimedia management. The 8920G is the flagship model in this range. It is a new set up from its usual drab designs of the past.

It sports a glossy top panel and well designed LCD panel. LCD panel is a joy to use with best color, contrast and brightness levels that one cannot imagine to see in a screen. The screen sizes vary from 18 inches and 16 inches. The keyboard compared to 6920G has been expanded and has a numeric keypad. The touchpad is slightly larger and has a silver finish.

Connectivity wise 8920 offers a 5-in-1 card reader, 4USB 2.0 ports, HMDI/VGA slots, headphone and microphone jacks, Ethernet, modem and an ExpressCard slot. The 8920G comes with best equipments of mobile computing in the market right now. It comes with 2.5GHz Intel processor (2.0 GHz incase of 6920G), both have 3GB system RAM, 320 GB HDD and Bluetooth compatible. The only downside is the use of Intel GMA 950 chipset, which drags its performance a bit down. But overall it is an excellent laptop. The speakers are dolby 2.0 has good bass and treble in medium volumes. The 8920 and 6920 both have a great battery life which lasts around 3.5 hours. The cost of 8920G costs Rs 79,000 and 6920G costs Rs 65,000.

Similar configurations from Dell and HP can easily cost over a lakh. So if these are the configurations you are looking for then it’s the best buy.

Krish Cool

Sachin’s Bungalow

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar is now a proud owner of an old bungalow in suburban Bandra, which he bought for Rs 39 crore. It is named as Dorab villa and was built in 1920 and was previously owned by a Parsi familt. It is about 10,000 square feet in size. It is just opposite the Jogger’s Park. Good choice for his retirement. Smile

Krish Cool

Blogs in India!

It is wonderful to see blogging come of age in India. I have always believed that blogs are the new way that people will express themselves, and bloggers will create communities that will become more powerful and more connected than newspapers and tv channels. Soon we will have blogtv - where the combined reach of the individual communities will far exceed those of the current (rather poor) tv channels. And because blogging is an interactive and democratic process through which no one person is allowed to become so powerful that he/she becomes the 'gatekeeper' of public opinion and even news, bloggers carry the responsibility to nourish and nurture this new medium. For like freedom, it is by the people, of the people and for the people.

Krish Cool

Philips SHN2500 Noise Cancelling Earphones

This when viewed from a distance looks like any other normal earphone but actually its one of the best and the cheapest one of its kind. It has a small plastic cover to cover up the circuit and above which the line splits up for both the ears. The magnet is made of neodymium (a rare kind of metal), while the material for diaphragm (a thin, semi-rigid membrane that vibrates to produce or transmit sound waves) is mylar (Mylar is often used to generically refer to polyester film or plastic sheet. However, it is a registered trademark owned by Dupont Tejjin Films for a specific family of plastic sheet products made from the resin Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). The true generic term for this material is Polyester Film or Plastic Sheet). The bass is decent. It has a good dynamic range, but the depth and 3Dness is not so good. There is a nit noise when the earphone is just plugged it in your ears. But that vanishes once the music kicked off, so not a negative point. Its cost is at Rs 1,995 and hence it is one of the cheapest one of its kind. So its of course a better buy.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Printing technology

Printer is one of the best inventions by human being in the field of electronics. Without the printer we cannot imagine printing loads of pages from our computer. Without the printer the computer is not complete.

The journey of printer started from the always famous Dot Matrix Impact printer. If you would have bought your computer in the 1980s then the Dot Matrix would have been the only option in the printer category. There was no cartridge changes. The only thing that needs change was the ribbon which was also not expensive. The rare repairs like the printer motor burning out or the print head worn out seldom used to occur.

But today there are lots of models and options to choose from. There are different options in the inkjet category and also equally same number of models in the laserjet category. But in the present day printers the print head and the cartridge are combined and hence if you need to change the cartridge you should also change the print head which comes with the cartridge. This has decreased the cost of the printer but also increased the cost of maintanance.

How fine or sharp the image produced looks, depends on the size of the nozzeles. Entry level printers have standar sized nozzeles that deliver drops sized at just under 5 picoliteres. But if one wanted a good photo quality he can go in for the phot printers that release 1.5 picolitres
per second.

Research in print technology

The HP engineers have successfully come with a new technology called the "Dual Drop Technology". Briefly explaining in this technology the researchers have combined both the normal nozzles and fine sized nozzeles. If one has to print normal documents then he can go in for the normal sized nozzeles. If the user needs fine photo quality then he can use the fine nozzeles option and get a better photo quality. The small or fine nozzeles just have a comparatively smaller diameter.

Almost all new generation printers are manufactured with the "Duak Drop Technology". This has been a boon to the low cost printers as they can be used for both draft document printouts and also as photo printers. This new technology has enabled the users to get high quality printouts. Previously it was 18,000 drops per second and now it has increased to 24,000 drops per second. Thanks a lot for this "Dual Drop Technology". But still the innovation in the field of printers is not complete. The continuing challenge is to achieve uniform size of toner particles, and smaller size which would of course increase the quality of printouts further.

Krish Cool.

25 Stupid Mistakes you don't want to make in the Stock Market by David E. Rye

Like my previous book reviews this book is also on the subject of investing. Well thats clear from the title itself huh :). This book is not a text that needs to be read from begning to start. One can open up any page of the book and start reading. But for beginers I would suggest reading it from start till the end. The 25 points covers almost all the mistakes that a common or retail investor does while stockshopping.
Though the examples and the references are done on the stockes of dow jones and NYSE and the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) still the investor mentality remains the same throught the globe. Hence an Indian investor could very well grab this book and start reading it. But you will enjoy reading this book only if you are really interested in the subject of investing and stock markets.

Overall rating 6 out of 10.

Krish Cool.

AMD's Latest inovation

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has released it's much awaited line up of chips for laptops. The chips are the equivalent of Intel's centrino and core 2 duo
chips. Though AMD has lagged behind Intel in marketing it's products but it has been on certain occasions been more techonologically advanced than INTEL.
So the AMD Puma chips when hit the market will give Intel a stiff competion. Moreover it will be cheaper than the Intel chips.

Krish Cool

My Laptop....

The craze a few years ago was to pocess a branded desktop, with the latest softwares installed on it. When we got hold of one such automaton,
we would certainly brag about it to our friends. They would also certainly do the same thing.
But in todays fast changing world everything changes in trice. The same is to the branded desktops once we pocessed. So what do we craze for now?...
Yes u guessed it right. It is LAPTOPS.
Laptops are a wonderful devices that according to me everyone should have one. Laptops enable us to take our data with us everywhere we go.
Using it we can also have access to internet anywhere and anytime. But laptops are certainly expensive than the desktops. Is it true? Certainly not.

Recently I got hold of a Laptop which is not expensive and is worth a lot more than its cost.

Its the Compaq Presario C700. Following are its hardware specifications.
CPU - Intel Celeron
15'4 Monitor
120 GB HDD
3 USBs
It certainly does not come with a pre-loaded operating system (OS), but it certainly comes with a pre-loaded DOS. But you need not worry about that. In India installing
an OS is certainly not a big deal ;). I have the same laptop and I have installed Linux on it and Icertainly feel very comfortable with it. But for windows
lovers also there are options available. So that will also not be a draw back. It does almost every task that a high end model would do. For surfing the web and
taking down class notes and doing college or school assignments it is certainly more than enough. But if your are a voracious gamer or if your a graphic designer, then
this is of course not your model. But for all software proffesional and other gadget geeks, this is more than enough and is definitely worth the money invested.

Krish Cool

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Five ways to use your old computer

· You can use them as servers if you are really a network geek. This way you can also get a very cheap server and also learn networking and intranet.

· You can use them as backup computer to use save your important files, so that in case of any calamity you might have a source to get your files back on your computer or laptop.

· You can use them to test some software or files or websites for any VIRUS and have them scanned and if they are fine then you can very well transfer them back to your computer.

· You can use the old computers to teach about computers to your children so that they don’t trouble you or your latest and expensive computers.

· At last if you really have a surplus of computers with you then you can very well give them away to charity and needy children.

Note: Please do not dump them in an unsafe place, because electronic wastes are non-biodegradable and hence cause a lot of damage to the environment.

Krish Cool

Sony Laptop

The SONY Inc. has released a limited edition laptop.
It's named Vaio Tokage and following are the technical specifications
Intel Centrino Processor Techonology - Intel Core Duo Processor T8100 (2.10 GHz)
Geniune Windows Vista Home Premium
ATI Mobility Redeon (128 MB)
14.1 (35.8 cms) WXGA LCD
250 GB HDD
DVD + - RW/+ - R DL / RAM Drive
Weight 2.5 Kg
Motion Eye Camera
AV Mode Buttons
It priced at MRP Rs 57,490/-
This limited edition model comes in three different colors Viz., Silver, Brown and Pink.

2008 A Love Story

This love story is not about a couple. It's not about any normal relationship. It's the relationship between a boy and his desktop. The boy was none other
than me.
Feeling curios? Then go ahead read on....

In the year 2003, I was in the second year of my college and my dad got me a branded computer with all the latest features.
It was a compaq presario desktop. It's cost then was Rs 52,000. It had all the latest features of that time.
I was very happy to have a shear arrogant automaton.

It had a pentium 4 processor. A 17 inch monitor and a pair of JSb speakers. The quality was awsome. My desktop was looking beautiful.
The entire set was amazing to look at. It simply cannot be described in words. The table top CPU was 'SWEEeeeeeeeeT'. :).

It had Windows XP Home Edition installed in it. When the power button was pushed on it would display the compaq logo
in the boot screen and then the regular Windows XP logo would come up and indicate that the operating system is booting. I used to admire all these
as it was my first computer and I had a feeling of pocession towards it and moreover I loved it as it was a gift from my lovable dad. A friend of mine who
was my college mate came up to my house the next day and showed me how to navigate and through the windows and how to work with the computer over all.

From the next day my adventure, literaly speaking my relationship with my computer started off. It was in the year 2003 and in the month of october.
Gosh!!!! I remember the date too.

Time went on and my computer helped me in everything from burning music CDs to my girlfriend and burning games CDs for my classmates
and seldom helping to write codes as I was then a budding software engineer ;). It also helped me a lot during my final year project.

Finally in the year 2006 I finished my degree, then it helped me in studying the latest technologies and in storing the adresses of
all the potential employers. I used it to read free e-books. Then one day I got a job as a software engineer. Man it was time to leave home.
I left home and joined my new company as a software engineer. I took me desktop along. In my new room and with my new room mates I used it to watch
movies and write a little complicated codes and other analysis. But at the same time my computer was also getting old. It started getting some problems
but still managed to work like in the begining. Then one fine day I got the news that I will be coming to a city very near to my home town.
I packed of my luggage and of course my computer and brought it back to my home and kept it in the same place where it was before and left home
to join my new office. This way I was not spending a lot of time with the once very close companion and hence I did not realise how much I loved it.
Time went on and I got married and this made me very preoccupied and hence I completely lost touch or stoped using my once best companion. I was planning
to take it with me but as it was getting old I thought of selling it off and getting myself a new laptop.

I sold my first computer for Rs 10,000 and bought a brand new compaq presario laptop for Rs 30,000. I am using it again as I used my brand new desktop once. I also typed this love story of mine using my brand new laptop. My old desktop is now being used by the shopkeeper who once sold me the desktop
and now the laptop. He tells me that the machine is working fine and he likes it. I on seeing it, really miss my old computer a lot.
I had alot of sentiments attached to it. I should not have sold it for 10,000 bugs. I am repenting now for a decision taken now. I have started realising
my love towards it as it's not with me now. True huh? We don't realise the worth of our loved ones when they are with us.

But I have made up my mind that my new laptop will not meet the same end some day and that's for sure.

I want my computer to be working happily always, despite whovever has it. If I get a chance to purchase it back, I will surely do.

Lets wait and watch

Krish. :)


Well one fine day my beuatiful girlfriend bought a BlackBerry with her savings of 6 months. She got one not because
of professional reason but due to peer pressure :). There are lots of models out there in the market. Which one to buy? Which one will be
suitable for you? Confused huh? Well do not worry! Read on to know.......

Following are the models out of which you can make your choice.

BlackBerry Bold
This one is a new entrant in the BlackBerry family. It has an elegant design. It also has wonderful speedand does work fast. You can use it to experience the
speeds available on the HSDPA netowrk and the BlackBerry Bold smart phone's 624-MHz processor. It is also a wondeful multitasker. It has other features like the
voice and data services. It has a built in GPS. The GPS can also be used to find the routes in the patented maps. It also has turn by turn directions on the map.
It is Wi-fi enabled and the color and clarity of the display is simply superb.

Price: To be decided.

BlackBerry Pearl
This is a small yet powerful version of BlackBerry. It is stylish and of course multifunctional. It in use is very suitable
for personal as well as professional lives.It too has a inbuilt GPS. It has a unique optionknown as the Wayfinder Navigator. Using this
finding routes and planning trips and storing your favourite location are just a press away. It has a wonderful and elegant finish. It is for the tech geeks
who want to stay connected on the move. 24X7. :D

Price: Rs 24,990

BlackBerry Curve
This one is the biggest selling BlackBerry smart phone to date. It has an appearance of liquid silver finish,
the BlackBerry Curve is the smallest and lightest BlackBerry phone with a full QWERTY keyboard. It is packed with
all the BlackBerry features, camera, maps, a media player, expandatable memory, VoiceActivated Dialling, tethered modem and trackball navigation,
Plus core functionality. Added to it, it also has the basic functionalities of a BlackBerry which are e-mail and text messaging.
It also has a web browser and other advanced phone functionality.

Price: Rs 23,990

My Choice
Well my choice is of course the BlackBerry Curve but the only disadvantage is the small QWERTY keyboard. But
still has an edge over the others. The choice differs from person to person. So its all upto you to choose one for you.

I guess this post might have been usefull. Please feel free to post your comments and feedbacks.

happy berrying


Low - Power Laptops

Nvidia has joined the race by releasing its latest laptop. It was introduced as the low-power laptops. Nvidia is better known for its graphics cards. Nvidia has used two Tegra processors designed esp for these tiny laptops. It is stated that these tiny laptops could play high end graphics by consuming comparatively less battery. Sounds interesting huh? Wonder how much would it cost!! Lets wait for it to hit the market.

krish Cool

My Other Blog

Hi you can also visit my blog at

How to clean your Laptop


To clean a laptop you require the following things:

1.can of compressed air
2.cotton buds
3.soft cloth solution (no ammonia)


Blow the air using the compressed air can and use the cotton buds to remove the dirt. Then use a damp cloth to clean. The cloth should not be too damp which could in turn destroy the keys. Then spray a small quantity of the cleaning solution onto the dampened cloth and clean the monitor. Do not spray it directly. Also clean the outer area using the compressed air can and the cotton buds. The laptop is clean as new.


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