Monday, September 1, 2008

Is clean India a dream?

Dear Indians,

We daily use different means of public transport to move across the city. We are grateful that our government is providing us these facilities. We are not like the economically and financially backward countries. Thank God!

But are we ensuring proper care for the public places and public transports? Foreigners refer to our cities and our country as dirty. Do not blame them because it we who are to be blamed.

We do not take care of our country. We throw all kinds of waste out in the public places. We have polluted our country to the core. The country has done a lot of things to us. But we have failed to do the same to her.

If the above sentences has made you think then read further, else throw this paper in the dust-bin and not anywhere else. Please that’s a request.

Things to do to stop our city from getting dirty:

  • You need not clean the public places as there are workers to do that job.

  • All you need to do is stop making it dirtier.

  • Stop throwing papers, used tickets, cigarettes buds, and used match sticks.

  • Please do not spit on the roads, other public places and transport means.

  • Ask your children are other kids to throw the chocolate wrappers into the dustbin

  • Do not reproduce this document, instead just spread the message.

I am not from any government agency; I am a citizen of India who wants a and greener India. Let the foreigners see a different India soon.

Thanks for reading this document.


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