Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Pursuit of Happiness

I have recently not got enough time to post any good articles on my blog and previously my blog was over flooded with tech articles. I was actually busy with meeting deadlines in my professional life.
One Friday evening I returned home from office. That night I was happy because the next it was weekend. That night I watched “The Pursuit of Happiness”. This movie almost brought me to tears.

To begin with the movie was awesome and the actors have done a great job. The movie shows how a man struggles in his life and faces the problems that come across. He then fights back hard and becomes on of the most successful persons.

The movie is surely to be seen by everyone who thinks life is full of problems and is difficult to live. It is surely a very inspirational movie. So If you have not seen it, go grab yourself a CD or DVD versions of the movie and watch it.


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