Saturday, August 30, 2008

Windows Vista?? O@*^&Q^W*&*&T!&*&#

It’s time for everyone to admit Windows Vista is a bad OS. Sure it works and all, but it’s still bad. Don’t tell me people couldn’t have come up with something better in 4-5 years’ time. The unofficial Longhorn release with WinFS had some potential, plus it was free of charge. Sadly it was taken down due to legal issues.

I am a Linux user and I feel sorry for the Vista users. No offence meant, but I urge everyone out there to at least give a try to Ubuntu or Kubuntu. Explore. See how powerful your computer really is.

Let us return to our subject. I’ve been reading a lot of articles about Windows Vienna or Wnidows 7 lately. Last time I heard about it was November. If I remember correctly, the developers are making huge core midifications, so this time it’s going to be something special. Hope it is not another vista brother. But for me it is always Linux (Ubuntu Linux) for the rest of my life.


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