Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh My Country

One fine day, I heard a news that there was a shoot out in Mumbai (a part of my country). I thought it was some work of the mafia. But things got worsened. It was actually a terror attack in the financial capital of my country. I saw my country burn. I was sad, crying, I was angry, my blood boiling. I was depressed about the loss of lives. One thought that is not leaving my head is, "How dare a few men come into my country illegally and kill fellow citizens?" Killing unarmed citizens is an act of cowards. Quran does'nt mention that. Bhagavatgita does'nt mention that. Bible does'nt mention that. Then where did these terrorists get an idea of jihad.

If they wanted some kind of revenge or wanted to destroy us, let them face us like brave people. Let them face our army our NSG and the entire nation equally. Attacking behind the back is what coward fuckers do. The terrorists who attacked my country are cowards, they are fuckers. They should be sentenced to death and executed immediately. The Indian govt should utilize this chance and take steps to destroy terrorists right from where they start.


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