Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ram & Vishal's Farewell

It was 3rd- Dec-2008. This week was Ram and Vishal's last week in satyam and they chose this day to give us a party. After some thought we went to Basera restaurant on ECR road. We reached there made ourselves comfortable on our table and started browsing through the menu. We then started our order and soon our table was filled with different varieties of starters. The food seemed a lot, but got vanished very soon. We then took the menu again and ordered the main course. The food was real good and we enjoyed a lot. We had naans, biryani, fried rice, noodles. Chicken barbecue, fish tikka, chicken gravy, prawn fry. After a heavy meal it was time to have some desert. We then ordered milk shakes and took it in slowly while enjoying every drop of it. At last it was time for Ram and Vishal to pay the bill. They took out their cards and payed the bill and after a few snaps we drove back to our office. It was indeed a great experience.


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