Sunday, December 7, 2008

A new step

On 7th December, I have completed all my initial stage work on starting a computer education firm. This firm will aim in providing quality computer education to all the age groups, however our target group will be school and college students.The firm is named as techyPunch. TechyPunch will also provide a number of other services but computer education being our primary target. I as the founder of the company aim in bringing the quality in computer education in India, which is still missing in India. Indians in the field of computers have to go a long way and we at techyPunch aim to make it a bit simple. We will be waiting for new students to know about us and join us.


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Anil said...

Two suggestions: 1) Techypunch website needs a good banner graphic, or you can just use simple text. 2) You will teach windows and Linux - why leave out Mac? Macs are expanding their operations in India too. Also consider iPhone has the same operating system as Mac OS X - it'll be useful there as well.