Friday, June 20, 2008

Internet Addiction

Internet in the 21st century is reaching more and more people even in the remote parts of the world. This way they are hooked to loads of information and also get addicted to the internet. Almost 10% to 15% of the internet users are addicted to the internet globally. This is seen more seriously as a clinical disorder by psychiatrists.

Previously, internet addiction was limited to the highly educated and socially hesitant people but with the current technological advances and the reduction in prices of computers and internet connections almost everyone is able to get hold of one. Now a serious problem called Internet Addiction starts.

A lot of people suffering from this clinical disorder called the Internet Addiction spend time on the internet be watching pornography or playing games or emailing. Due to this they forget to eat, sleep and even exercise. Psychiatrists mention that some surfers are so addicted that they even require medications. In search of information that are seldom required and other online stuffs they forget or neglect their personal and family life. In fact they also forget their sexual life, which is a great exercise and stress buster. Not only teenagers but nowadays even adults are getting hooked to the gaming portals.

Internet is a gift to us from the field of technology but it is still a poison if consumed more than the limit. We should take in between and have a limited time for internet usage. We should spend quality time with friends and family.


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