Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well one fine day my beuatiful girlfriend bought a BlackBerry with her savings of 6 months. She got one not because
of professional reason but due to peer pressure :). There are lots of models out there in the market. Which one to buy? Which one will be
suitable for you? Confused huh? Well do not worry! Read on to know.......

Following are the models out of which you can make your choice.

BlackBerry Bold
This one is a new entrant in the BlackBerry family. It has an elegant design. It also has wonderful speedand does work fast. You can use it to experience the
speeds available on the HSDPA netowrk and the BlackBerry Bold smart phone's 624-MHz processor. It is also a wondeful multitasker. It has other features like the
voice and data services. It has a built in GPS. The GPS can also be used to find the routes in the patented maps. It also has turn by turn directions on the map.
It is Wi-fi enabled and the color and clarity of the display is simply superb.

Price: To be decided.

BlackBerry Pearl
This is a small yet powerful version of BlackBerry. It is stylish and of course multifunctional. It in use is very suitable
for personal as well as professional lives.It too has a inbuilt GPS. It has a unique optionknown as the Wayfinder Navigator. Using this
finding routes and planning trips and storing your favourite location are just a press away. It has a wonderful and elegant finish. It is for the tech geeks
who want to stay connected on the move. 24X7. :D

Price: Rs 24,990

BlackBerry Curve
This one is the biggest selling BlackBerry smart phone to date. It has an appearance of liquid silver finish,
the BlackBerry Curve is the smallest and lightest BlackBerry phone with a full QWERTY keyboard. It is packed with
all the BlackBerry features, camera, maps, a media player, expandatable memory, VoiceActivated Dialling, tethered modem and trackball navigation,
Plus core functionality. Added to it, it also has the basic functionalities of a BlackBerry which are e-mail and text messaging.
It also has a web browser and other advanced phone functionality.

Price: Rs 23,990

My Choice
Well my choice is of course the BlackBerry Curve but the only disadvantage is the small QWERTY keyboard. But
still has an edge over the others. The choice differs from person to person. So its all upto you to choose one for you.

I guess this post might have been usefull. Please feel free to post your comments and feedbacks.

happy berrying


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