Thursday, June 26, 2008

Computer Hardware Myth

Hi, I would like to share some tips about computer hardware consider before u buy a computer. This is an article which will clear all your myths related to choosing and buying a computer.

Thinking about computers:

Computers are expensive : The branded computers out there in the market is actually very expensive. To buy a whole sweet computer is everyone's dream. But a normal stylish computer with all the needed softwares will not cost less than Rs 40,000/-. But it mainly depends on the kind of configuration u opt for. So my word will be that you can get assemble a equally stylish computer is half the price.

The first myth: Branded computers are better than assembled computers.

There is no such formula, a computer basically is made of 8-10 parts, and mostly , all these parts are of different companies, so technically, a branded computer too is a form a assembled computer.

The second myth: New computer is better than old computer

That too, is just a psychological thing, the fact is, one can get old computers with almost the same configuration as that of new one ( with some exceptions of course), in lesser than half price of the new computer, and if we compare the two head to head , then, i don't think u will ever EVER get a case where a new computer will overtake an old one ( i.e. OVERALL rating ).

The third myth: You need a P 4/ 256 RAM / 80 GB HDD / configuration , nothing less would do

I tell u , a P2/ 128 Old RAM / 10 GB Old HDD, would be more than sufficient for 99.99 % of your applications. It will:
* cost you about 1/4th than that of p4,
* give you a speed almost as par as p4 processor (that would require choosing right type of processor and other parts, but it can be done surely....)
* be able to do most of the routine things that one does on any other computer (with certain limitations of course).

The fourth myth: Old computers should not be bought because they don't come with guarantee

Thats true. I would even like to tell u that some of the old parts are REALLY old, good 30-40 years. Now i will give u a simple logic that might help your insecurity about old computer/ parts. A new comp part carries a guarantee of 1 year, after that it becomes old technically, so why not buy an old part which cost u less than half, has already been tested for several years, so sure it can go for one more year and if after 1 year, even a new computer part wont have any guarantee over it.

Krish Cool

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