Wednesday, June 4, 2008

2008 A Love Story

This love story is not about a couple. It's not about any normal relationship. It's the relationship between a boy and his desktop. The boy was none other
than me.
Feeling curios? Then go ahead read on....

In the year 2003, I was in the second year of my college and my dad got me a branded computer with all the latest features.
It was a compaq presario desktop. It's cost then was Rs 52,000. It had all the latest features of that time.
I was very happy to have a shear arrogant automaton.

It had a pentium 4 processor. A 17 inch monitor and a pair of JSb speakers. The quality was awsome. My desktop was looking beautiful.
The entire set was amazing to look at. It simply cannot be described in words. The table top CPU was 'SWEEeeeeeeeeT'. :).

It had Windows XP Home Edition installed in it. When the power button was pushed on it would display the compaq logo
in the boot screen and then the regular Windows XP logo would come up and indicate that the operating system is booting. I used to admire all these
as it was my first computer and I had a feeling of pocession towards it and moreover I loved it as it was a gift from my lovable dad. A friend of mine who
was my college mate came up to my house the next day and showed me how to navigate and through the windows and how to work with the computer over all.

From the next day my adventure, literaly speaking my relationship with my computer started off. It was in the year 2003 and in the month of october.
Gosh!!!! I remember the date too.

Time went on and my computer helped me in everything from burning music CDs to my girlfriend and burning games CDs for my classmates
and seldom helping to write codes as I was then a budding software engineer ;). It also helped me a lot during my final year project.

Finally in the year 2006 I finished my degree, then it helped me in studying the latest technologies and in storing the adresses of
all the potential employers. I used it to read free e-books. Then one day I got a job as a software engineer. Man it was time to leave home.
I left home and joined my new company as a software engineer. I took me desktop along. In my new room and with my new room mates I used it to watch
movies and write a little complicated codes and other analysis. But at the same time my computer was also getting old. It started getting some problems
but still managed to work like in the begining. Then one fine day I got the news that I will be coming to a city very near to my home town.
I packed of my luggage and of course my computer and brought it back to my home and kept it in the same place where it was before and left home
to join my new office. This way I was not spending a lot of time with the once very close companion and hence I did not realise how much I loved it.
Time went on and I got married and this made me very preoccupied and hence I completely lost touch or stoped using my once best companion. I was planning
to take it with me but as it was getting old I thought of selling it off and getting myself a new laptop.

I sold my first computer for Rs 10,000 and bought a brand new compaq presario laptop for Rs 30,000. I am using it again as I used my brand new desktop once. I also typed this love story of mine using my brand new laptop. My old desktop is now being used by the shopkeeper who once sold me the desktop
and now the laptop. He tells me that the machine is working fine and he likes it. I on seeing it, really miss my old computer a lot.
I had alot of sentiments attached to it. I should not have sold it for 10,000 bugs. I am repenting now for a decision taken now. I have started realising
my love towards it as it's not with me now. True huh? We don't realise the worth of our loved ones when they are with us.

But I have made up my mind that my new laptop will not meet the same end some day and that's for sure.

I want my computer to be working happily always, despite whovever has it. If I get a chance to purchase it back, I will surely do.

Lets wait and watch

Krish. :)

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