Monday, June 9, 2008

The way Indians Compute

In India the pirated versions of the to be licensed software are used by 99% of the household. They in short cannot live without them. But they do not know that by doing this they are encouraging piracy. Majority of Indians are not very much open to the open source softwares and applications. Starting from the operating system to the apllications that they use on the OS. The way Indians compute is entirely different from the way westerners compute. They take up computers for research, their curriculum is designed in such a way. They really make the optimum use of their computers. But where as in India the majority of the colleges do not take their students to that extent. They just give them the bookish knowledge and not the programming stuffs and research stuffs in the same topics. The reason for that is plenty. The majority of the graduates opt for the so called prestigious software engineer jobs in the multinational companies. A very less number of them think or take steps towards starting their own enterprenuerships. A still very less population of them think of becoming a professor in educational institutions. The major reason for this is the majority of the educational institutions are bothered only about their profits and hence pay peanuts to their employees. Hence they don't get quality of professors and lecturers. All the lecturers are unexperienced and only have a bachelor's degree. The consequence of this is they don't impart a good quality of education and do not share enough knowledge with the students. The students also do not complain because they some how get a good job due to the software boom in India. So where are we going? Its high time that we change ourselves. Its everyone's duty in providing quality of knowledge to the community and make them grow as a whole. Education shouldn't be based on getting a job. It should improve a human being as a whole. I am posting this article on my blog because we are the future generations, we are the future professors and lecturers.
We if come together, we can make a difference. So come let us all make a big change or a revolution in they way Indians compute.

Krish Cool

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