Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Laptop....

The craze a few years ago was to pocess a branded desktop, with the latest softwares installed on it. When we got hold of one such automaton,
we would certainly brag about it to our friends. They would also certainly do the same thing.
But in todays fast changing world everything changes in trice. The same is to the branded desktops once we pocessed. So what do we craze for now?...
Yes u guessed it right. It is LAPTOPS.
Laptops are a wonderful devices that according to me everyone should have one. Laptops enable us to take our data with us everywhere we go.
Using it we can also have access to internet anywhere and anytime. But laptops are certainly expensive than the desktops. Is it true? Certainly not.

Recently I got hold of a Laptop which is not expensive and is worth a lot more than its cost.

Its the Compaq Presario C700. Following are its hardware specifications.
CPU - Intel Celeron
15'4 Monitor
120 GB HDD
3 USBs
It certainly does not come with a pre-loaded operating system (OS), but it certainly comes with a pre-loaded DOS. But you need not worry about that. In India installing
an OS is certainly not a big deal ;). I have the same laptop and I have installed Linux on it and Icertainly feel very comfortable with it. But for windows
lovers also there are options available. So that will also not be a draw back. It does almost every task that a high end model would do. For surfing the web and
taking down class notes and doing college or school assignments it is certainly more than enough. But if your are a voracious gamer or if your a graphic designer, then
this is of course not your model. But for all software proffesional and other gadget geeks, this is more than enough and is definitely worth the money invested.

Krish Cool

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