Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Death of an Operating System

The Windows XP operating system was released in October 2001. Since then it has served us really well. Though it had some initial problems, but they were almost overcome by service pack releases. The latest service pack release is the Windows XP service pack 2. This OS has been a great success in the Indian market in both the original version and the pirated version. It was the one OS after windows 98 that has captured the Indian market to great extent. Even when we us any third party hardware in the computer having Windows XP we did not have any problem as all the vendors supplied the needed driver software with the product itself. Though the windows releases cannot be compared to the Linux counterpart, it has overtaken Linux in the Indian market. The Microsoft released the Windows Vista as the successor of the Windows XP 18 months ago. But this release has failed to capture the Indian market like the Windows XP. But some hardly remember that Windows XP too faced the same problem when it was released. People at that time preferred Windows 98 as Windows XP demanded hardware upgrades. But later on when Microsoft stopped its support and release of Windows 98 and also the PC manufacturers started building PCs to suit Windows XP, people had no other option but to accept Windows XP.

You might be wondering as why I am writing such a big story, it is because Microsoft will stop selling of Windows XP operating system from June 30. Though people will not face problems in the beginning but slowly the producers will start manufacturing machines suitable for Windows vista and consumers will have no other choice. Slowly the third party drivers will also be written for Windows vista and Windows XP will meet the same end as of the Windows 98.

There is also another news that Microsoft is going to release another version of OS known as Windows 7. So no can say as of now that whether Windows XP will die completely or whether Windows vista will be a big hit or whether Windows vista will vanish like the Windows 2000 or the Windows millennium. According to me it will too early as of now to make a statement to decide the future of the Window operating system. But it is for sure that the Windows XP will meet and end.

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