Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Gaming cum Learning tool

The Nintendo DS is a very famous hand held gaming console that youngsters and children in japan have one. It has been successful in japan for quiet some time and has been in a huge hit. But now it is in the news for another reason. It has introduced a new software in its products. And this software enables the Nintendo DS user to learn English in an easy, funny and interesting way.

It is certainly a breakthrough in the field of education and language learning. The students use a plastic pen like instrument to write English words on the console an screen displays “GOOD” if the word they have written is correct! Indeed a fun loving way huh? The classrooms conduct competitions in which the student who get more “GOOD” first gets stickers as a memento. A lot of youngsters in japan have Nintendo DS at home and use it to play games like “Mario Kart” and “Animal Crossing”, but they now find learning through these consoles more interesting and informative than other games. “This is quiet revolutionary for a school classroom”, says experts.

The Nintendo DS apart from English learning software and other interesting and famous games also provides other interesting games which even the adults love to play.

The Nintendo DS is currently used on a trial basis in the Japanese schools and if found a success will soon become a part of the curriculum. Now thats called the true Japanese technology. True they are the world leaders in science and technology.

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