Friday, June 6, 2008

ACER 8920G and 6920G

The Acer has released its new entrant in Laptops named Gemstone series. It is aimed at budget and desktop replacement segments. One can find a few innovations in this range and they are a 16:9 aspect LCD panels, Blu-ray drives, new touch panels, Blu-ray drives, a new touch panel for multimedia management. The 8920G is the flagship model in this range. It is a new set up from its usual drab designs of the past.

It sports a glossy top panel and well designed LCD panel. LCD panel is a joy to use with best color, contrast and brightness levels that one cannot imagine to see in a screen. The screen sizes vary from 18 inches and 16 inches. The keyboard compared to 6920G has been expanded and has a numeric keypad. The touchpad is slightly larger and has a silver finish.

Connectivity wise 8920 offers a 5-in-1 card reader, 4USB 2.0 ports, HMDI/VGA slots, headphone and microphone jacks, Ethernet, modem and an ExpressCard slot. The 8920G comes with best equipments of mobile computing in the market right now. It comes with 2.5GHz Intel processor (2.0 GHz incase of 6920G), both have 3GB system RAM, 320 GB HDD and Bluetooth compatible. The only downside is the use of Intel GMA 950 chipset, which drags its performance a bit down. But overall it is an excellent laptop. The speakers are dolby 2.0 has good bass and treble in medium volumes. The 8920 and 6920 both have a great battery life which lasts around 3.5 hours. The cost of 8920G costs Rs 79,000 and 6920G costs Rs 65,000.

Similar configurations from Dell and HP can easily cost over a lakh. So if these are the configurations you are looking for then it’s the best buy.

Krish Cool

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